From School Library Journal ~ "Move over Goosebumps, another horror series has entered the book world, and now it's a live-action film! Humor and suspense are mixed into a heartwarming stories...Scary enough to be absorbing, but not so frightening as to produce nightmares... blends humor and suspense to create a seemingly real story with spooky effects. These titles are shivery but fun, quick reads, and the short chapters with cliff-hangers will engage even the most reluctant readers." ~ Kathy Kirchoefer, Prince Georges County Memorial Library System, New Carrollton, MD

Cool and creepy, funny and frightening.  Thrills and chills without violence or gore by a seasoned team of writers, 

 Gina Cascone and Annette Cascone.

Gina and Annette Cascone             As sisters, Gina and Annette share the same last name.  

             As writers, they share the same brain. 

             As children, they found it difficult to share anything at all! 

The Cascone sisters grew up in Central New Jersey with their father, a criminal defense attorney, and their mother, who claimed to have ESP. The Cascone sisters honed their storytelling skills early on in life, mainly to stay out of trouble.  Now, they are telling their crazy stories to anyone who will listen.

Originally published in the 90's, DEADTIME STORIES have been resurrected, in both book and film.  Filmmaking brothers Scott Hillenbrand and David Hillenbrand are producing and directing the DEADTIME STORIES for Kids films. Tor's Starscape imprint will be publishing DEADTIME STORIES in hardcover, for the first time, launching GRAVE SECRETS in January 2012; followed by THE WITCHING GAME (March 2012), THE BEAST OF BASKERVILLE (May 2012), INVASION OF THE APPLEHEADS (July 2012), THE MAGIC SHOP OF HORRORS (August 2012), and GRANDPA'S MONSTER MOVIES (October 2012). 

The stats: Gina is older; Annette is not. Gina is married; Annette should be.  Gina has two children; Annette borrowed one. Gina has a granddaughter; Annette has a grandniece. Gina has cats; Annette has dogs. They both have a sister named Elise.

Be sure to go to their Facebook page "DEADTIME STORIES for Kids" and see what they are up to!

Deadtime Stories!

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